San Francisco Spring 2005

Although I have been to San Francisco at least once a year my entire life-this trip was pretty special in that it was spontaneous and the company was unique.

I was bartending one night when a man walked in who I could tell was "not from around here." And the reason I could tell this was buy his jeans. There are the jeans American boys where, and then there are the sheek, well cut, well tailored jeans that europeans wear and I knew this guy was not from the USA.

He sat down, ordered a drink and said that he had spent all day driving from Vancouver B.C. on his way down to see John Cale and wanted to know where to camp. My best friends Kurt and Shannon happened to be at the bar and stuck up a conversation with Richard and found out the he lived very close to Kurt's parents in Canada. So they invited him to stay at their house.

As the night of partying wore on, Rich stated that he had an extra ticket to the concert and asked me if I'd like to go, which I immediately said yes. J.J. Cale, wrote major hits for Eric Clapton like "Cocaine" and "After Midnight."

The next morning we woke up and drove to Winters to see John Cale perform that night.

We stayed in a bed and breakfast called the Abbey House Inn.  We had the whole place to ourselves which was awesome so we could stay up late on the porch and in the common areas drinking and hanging out after the show.

More Pictures of Winters CA

We didn't really plan on going to San Francisco but when I mentioned to Rich that it was only about 45 miles away and the fact that he had never been there before it was worth the extra day to go drive around so he could see the city.
Toronado's on Lower Haight Str.
Toronado's on Lower Haight Str.
First order of business and always a staple when I go to San Francisco is a stop off at Toronado's on lower Haight Str.  I don't drink micro brews as much anymore but they have such a great selection that it's a perfect stop off for happy hour when you are in town.

Haight Street San Francisco CA

Since we only had one day to explore, I thought it best that I show Rich Haight Str. It's an American cultural iconic place and if you only have one day at least you can go home and tell your friends that you've stood on the corner of Haight and Ashbury and have pictures to prove it.

There is this great dive bar that I also like to go to on upper Haight near Amoebas music called Murio's Trophy Room. It is a graffiti filled, Dead Kennedy's punk rock playing (at least that is how it was last time I was there) and just generally dirty place that makes you feel like drinking whiskey straight and washing your hands afterward. It’s lovely.
We then decided to just drive around the city and see some of the other iconic landmarks before heading out.

What better way to experience Lombard street then to drive down fast is allowed and snap a photo at the same time.

We ended up driving home through wine country and since it was spring the weather was beautiful, warm and everything was in bloom.

It was a great trip.  But all spontaneous trips are great because you don't have any expectations.  You just show up and embrace what happens.